Kennel & Nursery Pictures

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Raintree Countree Kennel Pictures

Below are actual pictures of Raintree Country Kennel, Holding Facility on the left for the adult dogs and the Nursery / Grooming / Office Area on the right. Both facilitys have climate control, they are heated, air-conditioned, and dehumidified. All adult dogs have a choice of staying inside or going outside, even when they go outside they still have a roof over their head to protect them from the elements of Mother Nature.

We are proud of our facility, we keep it clean at all times, Good Housekeeping and Quility Puppies have been our best selling point.

Contact us at or call 573  707-1540 or Text 573  707-1540

Welcome it's me George, holding Molly my personal Little Companion.

One of two Raintree Country Kennel Logo's

Raintree Country Kennel, located in Southeast Missouri

Nursery, welping on left side, weaned puppies on right side.

Weaned puppies side, here they learn to eat hard puppy food.

Raintree Countree Kennel Office Area

Raintree Country Kennel Grooming Area

These logo's are on all Bus. Cards & Documents

Holding Facility on left, Nursery / Grooming / Office on right

Nursery, welping side for expecting mothers & new borns.

Nursery to Grooming / Office Area

Raintree Country Kennel Office / Grooming Area

Inside Raintree's Holding Facility ( Upper Level Picture )

Inside Raintree's Holding Facility

( Lower Level Picture )